Monday, 27 March 2017

We Repeat What We Don't Repair

Good Morning World!🌎🌞🌍 Today Is A Foggy Monday In #Toronto But Don't Let The Gloomy Weather Get You Down. You Woke Up This Morning & That Enough Is A Lot To Be Thankful For. The #MorningMsgFromKate I Have For Everyone Today Is To Repair The Damaged Areas In Your Life. Whether It Be Trust Issues Caused By A Loved One Or Self Confidence Issues, Today Is The Day To Start Fixing Them! Life Will Continue In A Horrible Pattern If You Don't Face Your Problems & Work On Them. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day & Your Problems Won't Disappear Overnight. You Must Be Consistent If You Want To Take Control Of Your Life Again. Here's Some Tips To Help You Out. 1. Find Inner Peace• Appreciate Alone Time. You Can Do A Lot Of Self-Reflecting When You're Alone. Write, Read, Rest. Relax For An Hour Or Two, Your Body & Mind Will Love You. 2.Eliminate Negativity• Let Go Of Everything & Everyone That Makes You Sad/Angry. Life Is Too Short To Be Anything Less Than Happy. 3. Set A Goal• Whether It Be To Lose 15 Pounds, Finish A Book Or Land Your Dream Job. When You Set A Goal, You Will Have To Discipline Yourself To Reach Them. The Same Goes For Your Interpersonal Skills. Set A Goal (E.G Work On Communication Skills Or Conflict Resolution Skills) & Consistently Work On It. 4. Improve A Relationship• Whether It Be With Your Significant Other Or Your Friend. Identify What The Problem Is, Communicate Your Feelings & Work On It. Both Parties Must Want To Fix Whatever Is Broken. If Not, Eliminate The Person Out Of Your Life. These Are Just Some Pointers From Yours Truly. 😇 I Hope Everyone Has A Great Week, God Bless❤

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I Am A Woman, What's Your Super Power?

Wednesday March the 8th. International Women's Day 2017. As I sit here with my son asleep with his nursing pillow next to me, listening to Spotify's Women Of R&B Playlist, I can't help but reflect on what #IWD means to me. It has been almost a year since I found out my life would change forever. Since I became a mother I have seen life in a completely different perspective. Although I'm still a new mom, I have become more loving, more patient, more selfless & more protective. When I finally took my pregnancy test (I thought my late period was due to stress) I was scared. Scared of the results. Scared for my future. The thought of becoming a Mom at 23 was so nerve-racking. But Before We Continue, Here's Some Backstory For You Nosy People LOL: I was with CJs Father since I was 18. (3 years together, on & off for 2 years) I am now turning 24. We had plans to get married & start a family but I know firsthand that you can't trust anyone's but Gods plan for your life. We are not together which is good. The relationship was toxic on both sides & needed to end. I'm still thankful for the years together & the memories made. We have created a healthy, intelligent & handsome little boy. He is my main concern. (HAPPY? since people wanted to know. -_-) I have done a lot of self reflecting and forgiving in the past 12 months.Through my first, second & third trimester I had great support from an amazing group of women. My Mother, cousin & my girlfriends. They cheered me up when I lost my father during my last trimester, they helped me fill my crazy food cravings & they always made sure I felt beautiful. I am beyond grateful that CJ will have such loving women in his life. Although having a child doesn't make you a woman , I definitely feel as if I became a woman on November 29th 2016. Raising a little boy in this generation is hard when the media portrays males as superior. Everything I do he will be watching, learning & copying. I will be his role model when it comes to how he treats women. He will know that women are his equal & he must respect them. He will know not to overstep any boundaries and always let the woman be in control of her body. One day we won't have to fight for equal rights, equal pay & respect for women and our bodies. Until then we will continue to be great. Continue to raise families while chasing our goals. Continue to be fabulous and continue to rise. Remember, when strong women come together, magic happens. Happy International Women's Day To All Of My Strong, Intelligent & Beautiful Women Of All Nationalities & Religions Regardless of Your Sexual Orientation. The FUTURE Is FEMALE!