Monday, 24 August 2015

Being The "Token Black Girl"

Gooood Morning World! : ) Mondays... Aha yes I know, the worst day in the week..  Luckily I'm off today. ;) So I decided to write a blog post! 

Being The "Token" Black Girl.. 

(This is my story, not made to offend anyone) 

From kindergarten I went to a predominantly "White" school. (Shout out to P.M.J.S :) !! ) and from a young age I was confused cause there weren't  a lot of other races, like myself. So I went through stages.. For example, In middle school (Shout Out To J.G.A !!) I was referred to as "Oreo" or  "White washed" by my White friends & school mates. This not only confused me but also pissed me off.. Going to high school (Shoutout to M.C.IIIII !!) I finally went to school with Black people & many other races. Which I loved! But just when I thought I could make friends of my colour.. They don't like me.. Many of my school friends told me they didn't like me at first because again I was an "Oreo".. So now I'm confused..Like damn homie.. Not black enough for the black girls but just "white washed" to the white girls.. Then came senior year & I realized who I was.. I was Caitlind. People judge me because of how I look, speak & who my friends are. I have friends from many backgrounds & I didn't build friendships based on colour.. It's based on soul & heart. So before you call someone "White/Black/Asian/Spanish  washed" Think about this story.. & DON'T!! Aha This is a true story of how I felt in school &l it's not cool. Let people be whoever they want to be. Don't Judge ! Be so happy with your life you don't have to worry about others.. Life will be better for everyone! :) 

Hope you enjoyed my story :D

Have a great day!



Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Good Morning World! God Has Taken The Time To Wake Every Single One Of You Today. He Has Given You Another 24 Marvellous Hours. Use Them Wisely. Thank God For Everything He Has Done For You & Accept The Things You Cannot Change. Chase Your Wildest Dreams, Tell Your Family You Love Them, Try Something New. Because Just Like The Sunrise, Things Can Change Within Seconds. Carpe Diem! Have A Great Tuesday Everyone! #WelcomeToKateLand #MorningMessage #MorningMsgFromKate